Instituto Superior Técnico

Observatório de Boas Práticas do IST


1. What is it

A Project that aims to disseminate initiatives or experiences that have caused positive and effective strengthening of strategic areas previously defined for the School.

2. What for?

Identification, consolidation and dissemination (internal and external) of best/good practices in Técnico-Lisboa.

3. Who?

Good practices proposals’ can be submitted to ObservIST by any Técnico-Lisboa’s employee (academic/staff) or student.

4. When?

It’s possible to submit a best/good practice proposal at any time by using the form provided for this purpose. The evaluation of the submitted proposals will be made once a year, on February.

5. How?

Initiatives or experiments which have been implemented or are in the process of implementation can be submitted through a proper form, regarding they’re in compliance with the following requirements:

  • Best practices’ results, even if partial, must be identified clearly, asserting a successful initiative or experience;
  • It must be a current initiative or experience;
  • The practice selected must be according to the Thematic Fields previously defined.

6. Advantages?

  • The selected practices will be part of the public database of ObservIST so that the applicant and his/her experience can be recognized in the Técnico-Lisboa community, enabling Benchmarking within the school;
  • A certificate of recognition of good practice will be awarded;
  • A “Best Practices Meeting ” will be promoted aiming at the dissemination of best practices within the Técnico-lisboa community, with possible future enlargement to the ULisboa-University of Lisbon community.

Note: The dissemination of selected best practices is public, although maybe limited to the Técnico-Lisboa community. The dissemination meetings will be held whenever applicants express the desire to held such a meeting or when ObservIST coordinators find it appropriate.