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Best Practices

The sharing of Best Practices in IST  has been diverse, with 93 Best Practices identified in various domains,  promoting their continuity and dissemination within the Técnico community.

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Query of recognized Best Practices

Here, ObservIST offers the possibility to access the Best Practices already recognized by thematic area, scope and type of objectives that they are able to fulfill.

In this way, we seek to promote sharing and dissemination of Best Practices that can provide clues for the analysis and resolution of problems and for the promotion of continuous improvement in IST.

When selecting one of the below listed keywords, you will be presented with the Best Practices associated with that keyword.

Thematic area Scope Purpose/objetive
Higher Education Environment Skills
Research, Development and Innovation Management Divulgation
Technology Transfer Link to Society Resource Savings
Internationalization Pedagogical Employability
Communication Social Responsability Information Management
Human Resources Sustainability Gender equality
Infrastructure Technical Integration
Processes and Quality Technical-scientific Monitoring and Improvement
Information Technology Technical-Pedagogical Motivation
Others Knowledge Sharing

Note: The  majority of Best Practices will be presented only in Portuguese