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Innovating Pedagogy 2021 Report (Open University)

1 of January, 2021

The Open University publishes the “Innovating Pedagogy 2021 Report”

This is the 9th report in a series which delivers crucial insights about new ways of teaching, learning ad assessment, towards an interactive world in order to guide productive innovation faculty and policymakers.

The report results from the collaboration between a team of academics of the Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University, UK, with researchers of the Artificial Intelligence and Human Languages Lab/Institute of Online Education at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

New educational concepts, terms, theories and practices have been proposed and then shortlisted to ten. Although these innovations are already in place, they have had little significance in education, despite their great potential in bringing major changes in educational practice.

The Innovating Pedagogy 2021 Report of the Open University is available at



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