Instituto Superior Técnico

Observatório de Boas Práticas do IST

Evaluation of practices submitted under the 3rd ObservIST Call, 2nd ObservIST Meeting

3 of May, 2018

The deadline for submission of Good Practices under the 3rd ObservIST Call was 31 March, which focused on 7 of the previously defined 11 strategic areas, such as:


  • Higher Education
  • Processes and Quality
  • Internationalisation
  • Human Capital
  • Technology Transfer
  • Communication
  • Infrastructure


After evaluation of proposed practices by a panel of evaluators, a Meeting will follow for the presentation of the Good Practices identified under this 3rd ObservIST Call and the respective Certificates will be given to bidders of the practices rated as “Good Practices”.

This initiative is due for 6 June and aims at promoting the recognition of Good Practices and sharing of Good Practices in the school with the entire IST community.


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