Instituto Superior Técnico

Observatório de Boas Práticas do IST

Thematic Fields

From 2023 the IST Strategic Plan configures three mission areas, Education, Research and Societal and social impact, with four enablers, Internationalization, Infrastructure, Financial sustainability and investment and Governance, autonomy and agility.


In the 20215-2022 period, the ObservIST was structured into three priorities established by the school: World-Class Learning Environment, Leading Research and Global impact.

These priorities were divided into 11 thematic fields, aligned with the school Strategic Plan focus areas (2015). Thus, proposals of best practices whose objectives and/or results relate to the following thematic fields were expected:

Higher Education How the excellence at the teaching methods and teaching and learning environment level is promoted.
Research, Development and Innovation How the conditions that sustain leadership at the ID&I activities level can be strenghtened.
Technology Transfer How the impact of Técnico Lisboa in the world through the transfer of technology can be enhanced.
Multipolar Operation How the integration of activities consistency, regarding the three campuses of Técnico Lisboa, allowing an independent evolution of the School as an institution and the significant autonomy of the campuses can be achieved.
Internationalization How the increasingly global vocation of Técnico Lisboa can be reinforced.
Communication How the visibility and external recognition of Técnico Lisboa can be ensured.
Human Resources How the school promotes the improvement of organizational ambience, developing mechanisms of attraction, selection and retention of talent.
Infrastructure How the institution promotes the improvement of infrastructures and the sustainability of their campuses.
Processes and Quality How Técnico Lisboa projects, manages and optimizes the processes and services that support its strategy to pursuit a policy of continuous improvement.
Information Technology How Técnico Lisboa promotes continuous adaptation to the accelerated development of information technologies, regarding the necessary infrastructures level, the support services and organizational development.
Funding How the diversification strategies’ continuity and implementation of new funding mechanisms to increase the sustainability and autonomy of Técnico Lisboa can be wagered.