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Sustainable Development Goals


Aware that the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG) have become an urgent matter and that Técnico Lisboa must play a vital role in fulfilling them, the Institutional Studies, Planning and Quality Area (AEPQ) has been reflecting on both the School’s current position and how SDGs may be included in its strategy in the future.

A number of projects have been developed under this issue, among which the identification of the Best Practices over the past 5 years by ObservIST is of particular importance, according to the respective SDGs, therefore contributing to bring this topic to School’s community agenda.

This identification was based on the assumption that the actions / activities carried out by Higher Education Institutions can contribute to their community’s active citizenship, in particular their students and to increased awareness of the role that each one has in the construction of a safer, healthier and more sustainable world.

“…. Children and young people are central to this global call for participation and school is essential to raise awareness of the new global agenda, to inspire and encourage people to participate in the development of communities”[1].

Following a message from the President of our School “Técnico and the challenges of the future“ we believe that AEPQ has made a major contribution with its document entitled “Mapping what is being done” (page 3) , which can promote the integration of the SDGs into strategies, policies and plans and raise awareness of its entire academic community.



Técnico Lisboa actions contributing to the SDGs

AEPQ presents a compilation of the Actions that Técnico Lisboa carries out that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which, while not exhaustive, illustrates the School’s commitment to the 2030 agenda. 

We encourage the entire academic community to contribute to the update of this compilation by sending to the email action(s) to be included and respective link indicating the SDG to which it contributes. The contributions will be included after validation by the CGQ.