Instituto Superior Técnico

Observatório de Boas Práticas do IST

Eligibility and submission

Eligibility criteria

Proposed Best Practices systematization and evaluation will be carried by an Evaluation Panel, which will validate projects/experiences drawing upon the following criteria:

  • Problem-solving/process improvement: relevance of the initiative/experience considering for a continuous improvement process;
  • Results: how effective it is as opposed to expected objectives, how efficient it is as opposed to deployed resources, how effective it is as opposed to the contribution to solve the problem or improve an existing process.
  • Innovative nature: institutional best/good practice impact  in learning new working processes and procedures.
  • Sustainability: possible implementation of the best practice within the institution.
  • Replicability: transferability potential of the process or part of it (principles, tools, methodologies, etc…) to other services, by readapting or flexibility within the universe of IST.


Eligible Best Practices ensue from initiatives or experiences whose implementation is concluded or being executed, provided the following requirements are met:

  • Best Practice results, albeit partial, must be clearly identified, in order to assert  a successful initiative/experience;
  • Selected practices must comply with a current initiative/experience;
  • Selected practices must relate with the defined thematic fields.

To submit a Best Practice please fill the specific form (PDF) in a complete manner and send it to the email “”.