Instituto Superior Técnico

Observatório de Boas Práticas do IST

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is it

The Best Practices Observatory (ObservIST) it’s an initiative that aims to bring awareness to other initiatives or experiments, which contribute in a constructive and efficient way to the reinforcement of the strategic areas established for IST.

2. Which activities develops?

ObservIST aims to identify, support the consolidation, where applicable, and disseminate (internally and externally to IST) the Best Practices which implementation is finalized or being executed in IST. The Best Practices that fit the defined Thematic Areas reach ObservIST through an application process and are evaluated by an Evaluators Panel based on criteria that relate with process improvements, effectiveness, efficiency, innovation, sustainability and replicability.

3. Who can submit a Best Practice?

All IST staff, academic and otherwise, and all students can submit an application.

4. When can an application be submitted?

The applications can be submitted at any time (see section 5, below). The evaluation of eligible Best Practices will be performed once a year (relevant dates are also communicated in the website).

5. How to submit an application?

The application is prepared in a specific form and send by email.

For more information concerning application submission, please check the webpage “Eligibility and submission” (here).

6. What if my Best Practice is recognized?

The recognized Best Practices will be featured in the website news, included in the annual Portfolio and integrated in the database, creating opportunities to be known and studied at any moment. The promoters will have the opportunity to present the Best Practice in the annual ObservIST Meeting and receive a Certificate of Recognition. A badge corresponding to the featured Thematic Area will also be sent by email. These opportunities for dissemination and sharing aim to facilitate that, namely within the IST community, the competences and capabilities developed by the Promoters support the implementation of process improvements and the creation of new outstanding best practices.

Note: The dissemination of selected best practices is public, although maybe limited to the Técnico-Lisboa community. The dissemination meetings will be held whenever applicants express the desire to held such a meeting or when ObservIST coordinators find it appropriate.