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Observatório de Boas Práticas do IST


The ObervIST's prime objective is to identify, consolidate and disseminate internal processes that constitute good practices in order to contribute positively and efficiently to the reinforcement of the strategic areas defined for IST, by promoting their valorisation and replication and striving for the school's continued improvement.

The Best Practices Observatory (ObservIST) of Técnico-Lisboa is a project that stems from the action line of the institutional focus area “Processes and Quality”, as defined by the school’s Strategic Plan – A School for the World (PDF, 11MB), elaborated in 2015: “Identify, consolidate and disseminate best practices”.

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  • 19 of Feb.
  • 2024

9ª Call ObservIST

ObservIST aims to identify, consolidate and share initiatives and experiments, which promotion and replication may enhance the quality of internal processes and support continuous improvement.
In 2024 the ObservIST highlights the IST Strategic Plan 2020-2030 thematic fields, which configures three mission areas, Education, Research and Societal …

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