Instituto Superior Técnico

Observatório de Boas Práticas do IST

4th ObservIST Meeting

1 of September, 2021

Part 1

The 4th Observist Meeting will be held on the 12th October (Salão Nobre – Pavilhão Central with streaming broadcast)  with the following agenda:

  • Dissemination of the Best Practices identified under the 6th Call, promoting their recognition and sharing among IST community members.

After the evaluation of proposed practices, in the 6th Call of Observist, by a panel of evaluators, 12 Good Practices were identified

The evaluation panel selected practice “Explain like I’m 5’ – Talks about science at Técnico for curious children and grownups” for “Best Practice of the Year”.


Part 2

On the 16th November , the 2nd part of this meeting will take place in room 4.41 of the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georesources (DECivil) with two round tables to promote the discussion and analysis of practical pedagogical methodologies, which encompass new ways of delivering lessons and the use of new technologies, including digital solutions, and practices to promote integration of students, faculty, researchers, technical and administrative staff on campus.


The IST community is invited to this Meeting.

Part 1 – 12th October : Programme of 4th ObservIST meeting- part 1 (PDF, 138KB).

Parte 2 – 16th November: Programme of 4th  ObservIST meeting- part 2 (PDF, 198KB).


NOTE: The presentations will be in PT




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