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Innovating Pedagogy 2021 Report (Open University)

Friday, January 1st, 2021

The Open University publishes the “Innovating Pedagogy 2021 Report”

This is the 9th report in a series which delivers crucial insights about new ways of teaching, learning ad assessment, towards an interactive world in order to guide productive innovation faculty and policymakers.

The report results from the collaboration between a team of academics of the Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University, UK, with researchers of the Artificial Intelligence and Human Languages Lab/Institute of Online Education at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

New educational concepts, terms, theories and practices have been proposed and then shortlisted to ten. Although these innovations are already in place, they have had little significance in education, despite their great potential in bringing major changes in educational practice.

The Innovating Pedagogy 2021 Report of the Open University is available at


4th ObservIST Meeting

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

The 4th ObservIST Meeting will take place on September 16, to disseminate the Best Practices identified under the 5th Call, promoting their recognition and sharing.

The practices submitted in the 5th Call of the ObservIST (Observatory of Best Practices of IST), were evaluated by a pool of evaluators, who identified 20 Best Practices, among which the proposal “Design and Production of MOOC Courses at Técnico ” was chosen by the jury as the “Best Practice of the Year 2020 ”.

The IST community is invited to attend this Meeting, which will be broadcast via streaming.

Program of the 4th ObservIST Meeting (PDF, 128KB)

ObservIST recognises 20 Best Practices

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020
The 5th call of ObservIST recognised 20 best practices, divided into six thematic fields.

ObservIST recognised 20 Best Practices. Year after year, the number of best practices recognised at Técnico increases, as well as the involvement of the community. “Design e produção dos cursos MOOC Técnico” has been recognised as IST Best Practice 2020.

The 20 Best Practices recognised this year are included in 6 out of 11 thematic fields defined by ObservIST: Higher Education, Internationalisation, Communication, Infrastructures, Human Resources, Research, Development and Innovation.

Higher Education:
• “Soft Skills NDA”;
• “(an)Dar a Aula”;
• “Conservação E Restauro: abordagens, projetos e obras”;
• “Design e Produção dos cursos MOOC Técnico”;
• “EscapulISTe? Escape Rooms com estudantes da LEIC”;
• “Prémios do Departamento de Engenharia Civil, Arquitetura e Georrecursos: Prémios Professor Alberto Abecasis Manzanares e Professor João Arménio Correia Martins”;
• “Social Innovation Lab – SILAB”;
• “Reuniões de Fecho do semestre na LEIC”;
• “Um documento viajado é um documento privilegiado: o Empréstimo Interbibliotecas na Biblioteca do Instituto Superior Técnico”

Research, Development and Innovation
• “Ceris Open Day 2019”

• International Staff Week

• “Alumni Talks”;
•“Survival Guide”;
• “Visitas ao Técnico”;

Human Resources
• “DECivil PhD Welcome”;
•“GENEE – Grupo para os Estudantes com Necessidades Educativas Especiais do Técnico Lisboa”;
•“Gender Balance @Técnico”;
•“Social C2TN”;

• “Técnico – Campus Sustentável”

Link to Society
•“Exposição ‘Nó Cego’ Workshops”

The Best Practices now recognised will be shared at the 4th ObservIST Meeting scheduled for September 2020 (the date will be announced soon).

Since its creation in 2015, ObservIST has recognised 61 best practices at Técnico, in the most varied domains.