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7th Best Practice call

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

The ObservIST launches its 7th Best Practice call

The Observatory of Best Practices at IST (ObservIST) is a project that aims to identify, consolidate and disseminate institutional best practices, promoting their valorization and replication, thus boosting continued improvement in the School.

Eight years after the creation of the ObservIST and with 73 Best Practices (BP) identified and recognised between 2015 and 2021, available on its website, ObservIST now launches its its 7th call for Submission of Best Practices until March 12, 2022, and invites the entire IST community to participate.

More informations:


2nd part of the 4th ObservIST Meeting

Monday, November 22nd, 2021

The 2nd part of the 4th ObservIST Meeting took place on November 16th, which brought together various elements of the community to debate and analyze the work done so far within the scope of the Technician’s Challenge for the Integration of People and Pedagogical Best Practices.

The 2nd part of the 4th ObservIST Meeting was reported on the Técnico website

The 4th Meeting of the IST Best Practice Observatory – November 16, 2021 (part 2)

Thursday, November 4th, 2021

The 2nd part of the 4th ObservIST Meeting will be held on November 16th, in room 4.41 of the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georesources (DECivil), with two round tables to discuss and analyze the Technico Challenge for People Integration and Pedagogical Best Practices.

The Best Practices (BP) recognized in the 6th Call, and the presentations provided by the authors of the BPs during the 4th Meeting that took place on October 12th,  are available online.

4th Meeting Program – 2nd part (PDF, 198KB)

Streaming transmition

The entire IST community is invited to this Meeting.


Dissemination of Best Practices Recognized in the 6th Call of ObservIST || 4th ObservIST Meeting

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

In the fulfilment of its mission, ObservIST continues the dissemination of the Best Practices (BP) recognised in its 6th Call, publishing online the BP recognised and the presentations provided by the authors of the BP during the 4th ObservIST Meeting that took place on 12 October, in the Salão Nobre of the Alameda campus.






The 4th Meeting of ObservIST was reported on the Técnico website.

4th ObservIST Meeting

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

Part 1

The 4th Observist Meeting will be held on the 12th October (Salão Nobre – Pavilhão Central with streaming broadcast)  with the following agenda:

  • Dissemination of the Best Practices identified under the 6th Call, promoting their recognition and sharing among IST community members.

After the evaluation of proposed practices, in the 6th Call of Observist, by a panel of evaluators, 12 Good Practices were identified

The evaluation panel selected practice “Explain like I’m 5’ – Talks about science at Técnico for curious children and grownups” for “Best Practice of the Year”.


Part 2

On the 16th November , the 2nd part of this meeting will take place in room 4.41 of the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georesources (DECivil) with two round tables to promote the discussion and analysis of practical pedagogical methodologies, which encompass new ways of delivering lessons and the use of new technologies, including digital solutions, and practices to promote integration of students, faculty, researchers, technical and administrative staff on campus.


The IST community is invited to this Meeting.

Part 1 – 12th October : Programme of 4th ObservIST meeting- part 1 (PDF, 138KB).

Parte 2 – 16th November: Programme of 4th  ObservIST meeting- part 2 (PDF, 198KB).


NOTE: The presentations will be in PT



12 Best Practice Award Winners at the 6th ObservIST Call

Friday, July 2nd, 2021

The 12 Best Practices (BP) Winners have already been disclosed, following the ObervIST’s 6th Call. Learn more about them at the 4th ObservIST’s meeting to be scheduled for the 12th October 2021, at the Salão Nobre no Campus Alameda.


Best Practices recognized at the 6th ObservIST’s Call:

‘Explain like I’m 5’ – Talks about science at Técnico for curious children and grownups. (BP of the year 2021)

These talks seek to encourage children’s interest in science, underpinned in a cycle of talks with researchers of all scientific areas taught at Técnico, which deal with the scientific work carried out at the institution by using simple and accessible language for 5-year olds.

Scrum-based supervision of MSc theses

A study which identifies the benefits of using Scrum to manage MSc theses.

Exonline: Use of the OpenedEX platform for evaluation (tests, exams)

Use of OpenEDX, exclusively for evaluation, with different levels of complexity, which is suitable for exams in STEM subjects through different types of questions.

Recover, organize and make digital information available at the Técnico Library: an evolving reality

The construction of a digital library should cater for Técnico community’s needs in terms of content nature and access to information and be able to ensure the safekeeping of documents in the long run. This reality has already been set in motion and is one of the strategic goals for development of the Técnico library.

 Safely CERIS Day Out 2020 during COVID19

The purpose of this event was to promote the interaction between young CERIS researchers and decrease isolation among them, while enhancing team spirit, promoting activities between its members, transferring knowledge between different research areas, promoting cooperation and carrying out the CERIS role in the community.


Lab2Market@Técnico is an innovation acceleration programme, which aims to seek the best way of valuing the technologies developed by Técnico faculty, researchers and MSc and PhD students.

‘ISTO É’  Podcast

The ‘ISTO É’ podcast gives students voice to reply to candidates’ frequently asked questions, which deal mainly with Técnico’s educational offer and academic life, overcoming constraints brought by the pandemic and reaching out to prospective students.

Faraday News

This is a news platform which aims to bring together the general public and cutting-edge technology in different areas of Engineering, in particular Electronic Engineering, by increasing knowledge and paving the way for those who want to know more.

‘Grupo Comunica Ciência’, for the dissemination and communication of science carried out at Técnico, internally and externally

The goal of this group is to bring together the communication structure of the different units and the central communication structure of Técnico, as well as furthering a common body sense.

Virtual Visit to Técnico

Virtual visits to overcome the lack of access to Técnico facilities in the second semester of 2019/2020, as a result of the pandemic which led to the cancellation of the visits promoted by the NAPE’s Guides.

Working@Tecnico: Assessment of Psychosocial Risks at Técnico

Description of data collection and analysis, planning and implementation of an awareness campaign for Psychosocial Risks at Técnico.

Mechanics I makes the difference!

Description of the introduction of a separate collection procedure of urban solid waste and the development of a model with operating management measures and communication strategies.

Since its creation in 2015, 73 Best Practices have been recognized by the ObservIST, in a wide range of fields, by expert review teams.

ObservIST’s 6th Call Closed

Monday, March 29th, 2021

The 6th ObservIST Call ended on March 12 with the submission of 12 practices distributed by 6 thematic fields:

  • Higher Education
  • Communication
  • Human Resources
  • Research, Development and Innovation
  • Technology Transfer
  • Other: Sustainability

The submitted practices will be assessed by a panel of evaluators and afterwards a Meeting is planned for the dissemination of Best Practices identified in this 6th ObservIST Call. Certificates will be attributed to the proponents of the practices evaluated as “Best Practices “.

This event, scheduled for a date to be announced, aims to promote the recognition and dissemination of the institution’s Best Practices within IST community.

Dissemination of Best Practices Recognized in ObservIST’s 5th Call

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

In order to fulfill the ObservIST mission, we continue to disseminate the Best Practices recognized in the 5th Call by publishing presentations and / or videos provided by the authors on the ObservIST Website:

The remaining Best Practices recognized in this 5th call can be consulted in the 2020 Portfolio (PDF, 2.4MB) and in presentations / videos to be released soon.

We take the opportunity to invite Técnico community to visit the ObservIST’s You Tube channel



Best Practice of the year

Design e Design and Production of MOOC courses at Técnico (PDF, 1MB)


Presentation vídeo (PT)

HIGHER EDUCATION EscapulISTe? Escape games with LEIC Students  (PDF, 280KB)



Presentation vídeo (PT)

PAwards from the Dept of Civil Engineeirng, Architecture and Earth Resources: Awards Professor Alberto Abecasis Manzanares e Professor João Arménio Correia Martins (PDF, 127KB)


Presentation video (PT)



Presentation (PT) (PDF,12MB)  

SOFT SKILLS NDA – academic career impact assessment  (PDF, 329KB)



Presentation (PT) (PDF,256KB )

 COMMUNICATION Alumni Talks (PDF,198KB )



Presentation (PT) (PDF, 929KB)

Survival Guide (PDF,108KB)|| Annex (PDF, 8MB)



Presentation (PT) (PDF, 616kB)

Visits to Técnico (PDF,110KB)



Presentation (PT) (PDF, 890KB)




Presentation (PT) (PDF, 404KB)

Gender Balance@Tecnico (PDF, 125KB)



Presentation Vídeo

GENEE _Collective workgroup to promote inclusion of students with disabilities, from Técnico Lisboa (PDF, 163, KB). Attachments 1 (PDF, 1MB), 2 (PDF, 586KB),2.1. (PDF,444KB), 2,2(PDF, 1MB),3(PDF, 586KB)


Presentation (PT) (PDF, 718KB)

Social C2TN, (PDF,129KB)



Presentation Vídeo



Ceris Open Day Organizing Commitee ( PDF, 128KB)



Presentation Vídeo



Apresentação (PDF, 2MB)

INTERNATIONALIZATION International Staff Week (PDF, 132KB)



Presentation (PT) (PDF, 517KB )

Link to Society Exhibition “Nó Cego”(PDF, 131KB)



Presentation (PT)ção (PDF, 1MB)


4th ObservIST meeting – Cancellation

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Given the current situation of the COVID19 pandemic, the 4th ObservIST Meeting will not be held on September 16, as announced.

Thus, and in order to fulfill the ObservIST mission, we will proceed with the dissemination of the Good Practices identified in the 5th Call, promoting their valorization and replication and enhancing the continuous improvement at Tecnico Lisboa, compiling the Good Practices in a portfolio already available in Portefólio 2020 and, soon, publishing the presentation of the Good Practices recognized in the 5th Call at the ObservIST youtube channel and ObservIST website  .

4th ObservIST Meeting

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

The 4th ObservIST Meeting will take place on September 16, to disseminate the Best Practices identified under the 5th Call, promoting their recognition and sharing.

The practices submitted in the 5th Call of the ObservIST (Observatory of Best Practices of IST), were evaluated by a pool of evaluators, who identified 20 Best Practices, among which the proposal “Design and Production of MOOC Courses at Técnico ” was chosen by the jury as the “Best Practice of the Year 2020 ”.

The IST community is invited to attend this Meeting, which will be broadcast via streaming.

Program of the 4th ObservIST Meeting (PDF, 128KB)