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Dissemination of Best Practices Recognized in ObservIST’s 5th Call

20 of October, 2020

In order to fulfill the ObservIST mission, we continue to disseminate the Best Practices recognized in the 5th Call by publishing presentations and / or videos provided by the authors on the ObservIST Website:

The remaining Best Practices recognized in this 5th call can be consulted in the 2020 Portfolio (PDF, 2.4MB) and in presentations / videos to be released soon.

We take the opportunity to invite Técnico community to visit the ObservIST’s You Tube channel



Best Practice of the year

Design e Design and Production of MOOC courses at Técnico (PDF, 1MB)


Presentation vídeo (PT)

HIGHER EDUCATION EscapulISTe? Escape games with LEIC Students  (PDF, 280KB)



Presentation vídeo (PT)

PAwards from the Dept of Civil Engineeirng, Architecture and Earth Resources: Awards Professor Alberto Abecasis Manzanares e Professor João Arménio Correia Martins (PDF, 127KB)


Presentation video (PT)



Presentation (PT) (PDF,12MB)  

SOFT SKILLS NDA – academic career impact assessment  (PDF, 329KB)



Presentation (PT) (PDF,256KB )

 COMMUNICATION Alumni Talks (PDF,198KB )



Presentation (PT) (PDF, 929KB)

Survival Guide (PDF,108KB)|| Annex (PDF, 8MB)



Presentation (PT) (PDF, 616kB)

Visits to Técnico (PDF,110KB)



Presentation (PT) (PDF, 890KB)




Presentation (PT) (PDF, 404KB)

Gender Balance@Tecnico (PDF, 125KB)



Presentation Vídeo

GENEE _Collective workgroup to promote inclusion of students with disabilities, from Técnico Lisboa (PDF, 163, KB). Attachments 1 (PDF, 1MB), 2 (PDF, 586KB),2.1. (PDF,444KB), 2,2(PDF, 1MB),3(PDF, 586KB)


Presentation (PT) (PDF, 718KB)

Social C2TN, (PDF,129KB)



Presentation Vídeo



Ceris Open Day Organizing Commitee ( PDF, 128KB)



Presentation Vídeo



Apresentação (PDF, 2MB)

INTERNATIONALIZATION International Staff Week (PDF, 132KB)



Presentation (PT) (PDF, 517KB )

Link to Society Exhibition “Nó Cego”(PDF, 131KB)



Presentation (PT)ção (PDF, 1MB)



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